The Ambassador Award

Last night a rather lovely thing happened…

Because of the Refugees in Rhyl project, which I have worked on for two years and has been a real labour of love, I was invited to the Mayor of Rhyl’s Awards. It took place at The Pavilion Theatre, and it was a brilliant show. I received the “Ambassador for Rhyl” Award. I cannot say how wonderful it is to know that people nominated me for this award, and how fantastic it is to have received it. Thank you to the people who nominated me. Thank you to the Mayor of Rhyl, the Town Council, and the organiser of the event. Thank you to the 24,699 people who have looked this website, all across the world.




There is more work to do on this project:

We’ve just added a new page about repatriation of our family, the De Roovers. We know what happened to them after they left here, and we’ve explored their journey home and that of the thousands of Refugees who were in the UK…   We’ve just added a lot more to our Talacre page – including details of the hunt for the Abbot of Dendermonde Abbey…   We’ll be looking further into the Refugees who came to Prestatyn… and we’ve found quite a bit to add to our St. Asaph page. We’ll be off to Birkenhead to find out about a Refugee who had a massive cultural impact on Wales… And there’s still more to the story of the Refugees in Rhyl – including one who came here after the war.


Last week we attended a presentation given by Derek Bond for Holywell History Society about the “Belgian Refugees in Flintshire”. Derek made a great presentation, and had a wonderful collection of postcards featuring Belgian Refugees from all over the UK, together with a collection of medals and pins. Thanks to Derek and the Society for a lovely afternoon…

3 thoughts on “The Ambassador Award

  1. Congratulations on your award! It’s very well deserved. I have been following this work with interest.
    I wrote to Aarschot Council to tell them about your award. Have they been in contact?
    Best wishes,

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  2. Hi Graham,

    I did have an email from Aarschot City Council, and in it they said that you had contacted them.

    Their message reads:

    “Mr Graham Russell informed us about the award you received from the mayor of Rhyl on April 18th, 2015. Congratulations on your well deserved recognition of your efforts on the Belgian Refugees in Rhyl project! We are pleased to hear that your hard work on this project has paid off.

    It was a pleasure to work with you on this interesting project which strengthened the relationships between both countries.

    We wish you every success in the future.”

    Thank you for contacting them. Their email was a very nice surprise.



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